A message from Nigel

We've made some changes

We've been doing a lot of talking and listening with real estate agency business owners.  We know we could have done a better job rolling out our pricing changes over the past nine months. We're starting to put things right.

We’ve taken on board feedback that different markets are at play across the country. Affordability from vendors and real estate businesses varies too. There’s a clear distinction between the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metro areas, and the rest of the country.

More choices 

We've provided business owners and agents selling residential properties with better options. We're catering for the different states of the market in the various areas.

We’ve provided you with more choice. We've tweaked our pay-per-listing option (The Flexi), and have introduced an ‘all-you-can-eat’ per office subscription (The Sub).

Both options apply to residential properties for sale, including sections, lifestyle and rural properties.

Things to note

The Flexi pay-per-listing option includes new pricing for properties for sale. The price to list is based on the property's Rating Valuation:

  • Under $450,000 = $99 per listing
  • $450,000 or more = $159 per listing

Deeper discounts are available for larger listing volumes too.

Option details

Please read below for further details and download the full brochure outlining the options here too.


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Next steps

Keen on The Sub? 

To sign up for the all-you-can-eat option, please read the detailed information about this option and sign up here. Depending on your office location, the Metro or Non-metro rate will apply.

Keen on The Flexi?

Please read the detailed information about this option hereExisting pay per listing customers will automatically move to Flexi Bronze (updated T&C's here)If you expect to list more than 20+ properties a month, Flexi Silver or Flexi Gold may work well for you - this does not require any commitment from you.


We're keen to hear from you about the changes. Please call us on 0800 866 266 or email propertyagents@trademe.co.nz.

More info

Download the full brochure outlining the options here.

Key questions

Q: When can I sign up?

You can sign up now.

Q. What about rentals and commercial property listings?

This pricing has not changed. Note that there are rental discounts available to those who move to Flexi Silver or Flexi Gold subscription plans. The cap of $999/month (excl. GST) for Commercial For Lease listings remains until 1 February 2015.

Q: If I sign up to a subscription, what rate am I on for rentals and features?

You will be on our standard agent rate card for these products. These prices are the same as the Flexi Bronze plan.


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