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Give your vendor listings a boost in views and enquiries* this summer with one of our three or four week Super Feature Campaigns!

For more info, check out the flyer or head this way for the FAQ's.

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*Residental for Sale listings that have a super feature on Trade Me Property achieve an average of 1.8x more views and 2.5x more buyer enquiries than a standard listing.

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Auckland General Property Revaluations

What's happened?

Auckland council has just completed the 2014 general property revaluations. 

Who might this affect?

This is relevant to Flexi pay-per-listing customers as the listing fee is based on whether the Rating Valuation is above or below $450,000.

What does this mean for my listings?

For invoicing purposes, we will use the revised valuations from the first day of the month, following public notice of general property revaluations by councils throughout New Zealand.

For example, in Auckland’s case, the public notice of the general property revaluation was on 10 November 2014, so we will use the revised values from 1 December 2014 onwards.

What about when revaluations occur in other regions?

We will apply the same logic for invoicing, we will use the revised valuations from the first day of the month, following public notice of general property revaluations by councils throughout New Zealand.


Recent pricing changes

We've been doing a lot of talking and listening with real estate agency business owners.  We know we could have done a better job rolling out our pricing changes over the past nine months. We're starting to put things right.

We’ve taken on board feedback that different markets are at play across the country. Affordability from vendors and real estate businesses varies too. There’s a clear distinction between the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metro areas, and the rest of the country.

More choices 

We've provided business owners and agents selling residential properties with better options. We're catering for the different states of the market in the various areas.

We’ve provided you with more choice. We've tweaked our pay-per-listing option (The Flexi), and have introduced an ‘all-you-can-eat’ per office subscription (The Sub).

Both options apply to residential properties for sale, including sections, lifestyle and rural properties.

Things to note

The Flexi pay-per-listing option includes new pricing for properties for sale. The price to list is based on the property's Rating Valuation:

  • Under $450,000 = $99 per listing
  • $450,000 or more = $159 per listing

Deeper discounts are available for larger listing volumes too.

Option details

Please download the full brochure outlining the options here too.


Trade Me Property for Mobile

More potential buyers and renters are using mobile devices to find properties than ever before. We have dedicated apps for both iOS and Windows, and we're always looking for ways to make the property hunting experience better.

Trade Me Property for iOS 

Ios App

Trade Me Property for Windows

 Windows App

Property Price Index

Check out one of our new products- the Property Price Index, and find out how property prices across New Zealand both for sale and to rent are tracking from month to month.

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