What is Boosted?

Boosted refreshes the sort order of a listing to return the listing to the top of search results under the default search filter. Boosted listings must already have a Feature in order for it to be applied.

How long will my listing stay at the top of search results?

Your listing will stay Boosted for the life of the listing, but will move further down the page when other listings have Boosted applied or new Featured properties are added to the site.

How can I get this on my listings?

Your listing needs to already have the ‘Feature’ promotional extra in order to get Boosted. Please contact propertyagents@trademe.co.nz or call 0800 866 266 for more info.

Why does my listing need to be Featured?

This is a premium product that adds value to a listing that has already been Featured. The default search results in Property include Featured listings, so to get value from Boosted, the listing needs to have the Feature promotion too.

Will my listings show up in the default search filter setting for property results?

Yes. Boosted listings will show up first on the standard property search results page that members are taken to after they hit Search. However, from here members can filter their options by Latest listings, Highest or Lowest price, or Featured first, meaning listings with Boosted will not appear first.

Why is my listing not at the top of search results when filtered by Latest listings?

Boosted only works with the default search filter. Once other filters are selected, such as Latest listings this promo extra no longer applies.

If my listing is withdrawn, and then relisted, will Boosted still apply?

If your listing is relisted ‘Boosted’ will be lost, just like any Feature or Super Features.

Is Boosted available in all Property categories?

Boosted is available for Residential for Sale and Commercial for Sale/Lease listings.

Are members’ saved search emails affected?

No. Members with saved searches won’t be alerted when Boosted is applied.

Will Boosted apply on mobile apps or the touch sites?

The new sort order for the Boosted listing will be applied on our Touch site however the ‘Boosted’ icon won’t be displayed.

Boosted isn’t available on any of the Trade Me Property apps (Android, iOS and Windows).

How much does it cost?

Bronze and Subscription – $89.00 incl. GST
Silver - $79.00 incl. GST
Gold $69.00 incl. GST