Frequently Asked Questions

Fees & account information

Our office has had a name change/change in ownership. Who do we need to inform?

Please inform your Account Manager of this in writing so we can update our records.

Can I change my email address or password?

Yes. Once you are logged in, click on the 'My Trade Me' tab and on the right hand side of the screen there is a link to the 'change my email' and 'change my password'. Just follow the instructions.

How can I change the office details and/or logo that appear on my listings?

If you would like your phone numbers, website URL or logo removed or amended, please contact your Account Manager.

Do I need to pay anything extra to extend my listing?

No. You can list your property on the site until sold, providing you extend the listing, or relist the listing within 45 days of it closing.

Can I use my Trade Me account for non-property related items?

Recently we made some changes to the 'My Trade Me' page which means your property account can no longer be used for anything other than property listings. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Listing process

How long will my listing stay on the site for?

The maximum duration time of a Residential and Commercial 'For Sale/Lease' is 56 days and 14 days for rental properties.  However these can be renewed without extra charges.

Will I receive a reminder before my listing expires?

Yes. An email will be sent to your nominated office email address advising on how to extend your listing.

Can I edit the content of my listing once the classified has started?

After 7 days of a listing going live, the following attributes cannot be edited on the site: Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Location and Category.  However all other details can be changed.

Can I withdraw a listing?

You can manually withdraw a listing (providing it was originally added manually onto the site) by going to your 'Current listings' and selecting the 'More options' option on your listing, and then you will see the option to withdraw the listing.

The correct suburb for my property is not an available option - what should I do?

Please contact us and we can check whether it meets the criteria to be added to the site.

Alternatively, you can list the property in a nearby suburb and place keywords in the text or heading of the listing to identify the exact location

The map on my listing is displaying incorrectly.  Can it be removed or changed?

If the map is incorrect, you must ensure that you have added the full street address (with correct spelling) rather than just the suburb/district and region, as this may fix the map

Please contact us if the map is still incorrect, as we have the ability to move the pins on maps.

I can't upload photos to my listing because the file size is too large - what's the max size?

Each photo image must be under 5MB in size.  If your photos are too large, you will need to resize the photo file.  You will need to use a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Microsoft Picture Manager to do this.

I want to sell a 'Business for Sale' on the Trade Me Property website.  Where can I do this?

If the business has no property or land attached to it, it can not be classified as a property listing; therefore it has to be listed under the general Trade Me site.  As a subscribing office you receive a discounted listing charge of $49 + GST for a Business for Sale listing (and $24 for a feature).

I want to list a property which is a studio/bedsit, but there's no category for this.  Where do I sell it?

For searchability reasons, we cannot offer this within the 'Bedrooms' category.  You will need to list these types of properties under '1 bedroom', and clearly state in the description of the listing that it is a studio/bedsit.

Can I list a property or land which is not in NZ?

No. You are not able to advertise listings on Trade Me that are not in New Zealand.