Using your brand as a business tool

16 Oct 2017

What makes branding in real estate more important than ever? What is branding? Le... more

Let's talk video

30 Jul 2018

One of the five marketing trends predicted for 2018 earlier on in the year included video, which is a listing tool currently available on Trade Me Property. Videos aren’t a new trend, but they’r...

Premium Listing just got even better

25 Jun 2018

When you book and apply a Premium Listing, your personal profile picture and agency brand will now also display on the mobile version of your listing detail pages, which means even more brand expos...

Drive leads with your agent profile

25 Jun 2018

Premium Listing is the perfect personal brand positioning tool, which is why we recommend putting your best foot forward and keeping your agent profile up to date through OneHub. Your marketing e...

The art of networking

21 May 2018

Using a real estate agent to sell a property remains the preferred method of selling, with 48% of sellers planning to use an agent. However, 16% of sellers are still unsure how they’re going to p...

Solve the pain points of prospecting

21 May 2018

In the next 12 months, 254,000 New Zealanders intend to buy a property, while 115,000 expect to sell a property.* With over 10,000 agents in New Zealand, you need to be on top form when it comes to...

Agent contact box - increased engagement and enquiry!

16 Apr 2018

We recently announced the agent contact box, an exciting new feature on the property listing details page. The agent contact box appears on the right hand side of the image gallery on the listing...
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