Five New Year’s resolutions for real estate agents

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Have you set goals or resolutions around productivity this year? Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Turn your phone off for five minutes once a day

It seems relatively small but as a real estate agent things can get pretty hectic, sometimes you'll want to throw your phone out the window. Make a habit of turning your phone off for five minutes just once a day to simply disconnect from the business world and recharge. You could also try muting your phone when you are completing tasks like vendor reports to help minimise interruptions.

2. Amp up the promotion of your brand 

Increase brand awareness and help grow your business further by updating your Trade Me agent profile and adding your recently sold properties through OneHubOne of the beauties of growing your brand is the range of advertising options you have; from your own website and social media pages to a free profile on a large website like Trade Me

3. Generate a lead a day

This can be achieved by simply posting on all of your social media channels and also through networking. Develop relationships with local businesses and ask if you can put a  business card or some marketing collateral in their store/cafe  in exchange for advocacy of their store or making their cafe your regular meeting spot.

4. Condense your reading list

Do you spend over 30 minutes a day looking for real estate industry specific news? Condense your reading list by subscribing to relevant industry websites like, Elite Agent and set up keyword alerts for “property” and “real estate” in Google Alerts. Having the most relevant industry news sent straight to your email inbox will save you time instead of searching online for hours.

5. Podcasts

Instead of listening to the radio, listen to more real estate podcasts during your drive to and from open homes. Use this time productively to educate yourself. Staying up to date with market trends and industry news is key to being a great real estate agent.

As you start to think about what you want to accomplish this year, it's always important to set small smart realistic goals to reach your long term goals.