Agent contact box - increased engagement and enquiry!

811-1804-agent -box

We recently announced the agent contact boxan exciting new feature on the property listing details page. The agent contact box appears on the right hand side of the image gallery on the listing page. It shows your name, agency name and phone number.

The goal of this design change was to increase the number of enquiries you receive from customers by promoting the ‘contact more’ prominently on the listing page while promoting your brand.

Since this new feature has been added we have already seen greater engagement with listings and online enquiry from customers. The 'click to reveal' engagement has increased by 70%.* 

We have made another change to this feature that we thought you would like to be aware of.

When you book and apply a Super Feature your personal photo and agency brand will also appear on the agent contact box.

*Jan/March, 2018, Google Analytics, Trade Me