Bringing your personal brand to life - part three

We explained in Parts One and Two what a personal brand is, why it’s important for agents to have one and how to develop it. 

Successful agents can be seen out in the market living their personal brand and running it through everything they do in their businesses. 

Bayleys Christchurch agent, Julia Ashmore-Smith, who ran her own graphic design agency, knows a thing or two about branding.

“From the get go, I’ve tried to do things that were consistent – everything speaks, it doesn’t matter what you do,” she says. Don’t send out awful cheap flyers and then tell people that you are a high end agent, she advises.

Try to have things that are intelligent and respectful of the audience, she adds.

Ashmore-Smith does a bi-annual A5 bifold newsletter to her database.  She will get in touch with her clients every month, she has billboard advertising, advertises in newspapers and is also on Facebook and Instagram.

The Bayleys agent takes care on social media not to post listings, she prefers to promote her problem solver personal brand theme online, posting recently on the new changes to the Healthy Homes Bill, informing people of the new requirements. She will also tell clients what is happening to prices and give “time on market” statistics, which is useful for clients considering a move.

Barfoot & Thompson’s Ketiesha Elliott believes videos are important with branding- they are a good way of people getting a good sense of you, she says. She likes humour to show through on the videos she does with her life and business partner, Frank Excell. You’ve got to have fun in this job, she says. Her business also has its own Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Elliott has done a rebrand recently now she and her partner Frank and son Frankie are working together. The branding is very much as a family, she says, rather than a team.

And the branding across all platforms, including out walking in their community, is that they are real people.

“We are very visible in where we live and where we work, people know who we are, our kids went through the same schools,” says Elliott.

She thinks people come to her because she is approachable and a normal person. 

Step one: Apply your brand across everything you do. 

Think of the various channels and ways that potential clients might see or hear of you and consider some of the things you could do to reflect your brand across all those channels.  Consider the products you’re using on property sites such as Trade Me, to ensure they are premium, position you strongly and speak to your ‘expert’ values.

Give some thought to how client referrals can reflect your brand values.  And think about the language you use which might help reinforce your values and personality.

Step Two: Stay on brand 

Be prepared for your brand to evolve as you do. All the seasoned agents do this, they refresh as they go.   Always remember to ask your clients if your personal brand helped them with their decision to go with you.

Step Three – Enjoy your brand

Take real ownership and pride of your brand and continue investing your time, energy and reputation into it.  Build awareness and familiarity of your brand in front of an active property market. Your brand is something to invest in, treasure and look after. 


Take a look at how top agents keep their personal brand in check.