Virtual reality tours - a different perspective


Alongside traditional videos, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 3D tours are increasing in popularity in the real estate industry. This technology gives potential buyers the ability to digitally roam through a property - similar to how you would use Google maps street view.


Transform your listings into an interactive viewing experience with LiveTours

Trade Me Property has partnered up with iStaging who make out-of-the-box augmented and virtual reality solutions for real estate agents and businesses including LiveTours which can be uploaded to your listing.

LiveTours offer prospective buyers with the opportunity to virtually walk around, feel and experience the property in a way they’ve never been able to before, take a look at a LiveTour.

When you sign up to iStaging you’ll receive equipment free of charge which turns your smartphone into a powerful VR camera and allows you to easily create 360° VR tours of any space.

With iStaging, you can add notes and floor plans to create a compelling virtual walk-through tour experience for the buyer. This is a cost effective and innovative marketing solution to offer to your vendor. Alternatively, you could use a professional photographer to create the tour and edit with iStaging software.


Upload to your listing

All real estate agencies that use the API are able to simply add an iStaging link and embed your virtual tour on your listing. Our customer support team can also load the links to your listings so contact them if you need help. Your 3D video will be accessible on our listing pages and Trade Me Property apps via the Inside View icon. 



Get 10% off an annual subscription with Trade Me discount

iStaging offers a 10% discount over the lifetime of their iStaging subscription to Trade Me customers. To redeem your discount, enter the code TRADEME10.  

Technology will continue to develop and the real estate industry will need to find ways to keep up with it. This trend is now available to follow and adopt. Incorporate virtual reality tours into your marketing mix to set yourself apart from other agents and showcase your listing.