For top agents, it’s always a market of opportunity

Top agents understand, no matter how successful they are, there are always others coming up behind them, and they will be hungry to make their mark. So for savvy agents, even when they are doing the business at a high level, it’s about constantly refreshing their branding, being current and being seen where it counts.

Top Wellington agent with Tommy’s Real Estate, Nicki Cruickshank says it’s well worth spending more on your brand in a quieter market. It may seem counter intuitive, but it’s a good idea.

“The pie is smaller so you need a bigger piece of the pie,” she says. 

Cruickshank recommends spending around 5% to 10% of your income on branding. 

“You need to do it across the board, because you don’t know where the business is going to come from,” she says. 

And think long term, she advises. 

“What you spend now, you get back in five years, threefold, “she says.

A good time to review digital platforms

For Ray White Auckland city fringe top seller, Robyn Ellson, she is currently reviewing the various digital platforms she is active on with her brand.

“We have a world that is going very digital – and with that the question becomes, how does your brand connect with people,” says Ellson, who is approached all the time by a wide range of sites wanting her to spend money with them. 

You need to look at the platforms that are available and ask, how does my brand stand out on these platforms, she says.  ‘You can’t be everywhere,” she adds. 

Ellson prefers to go with the platforms that attract the highest traffic and connect with the most people, big digital platforms like Trade Me Property and Facebook.

Products such as Premium Listing on Trade Me Property, allow you to not only do a great job for your vendor, but promote your own brand to a wider property audience at the same time.  

Meanwhile the rules of real estate remain that the business is all about relationships and that remains her focus throughout the year.

“I don’t think it will ever be an industry that can be automated. You have to be at the open homes, you’ve got to really love that. The basics do not change.”

Ellson believes in accentuating the positive. She points out the positives of a quieter market to her clients. It’s a much friendlier market and there are fewer speculators, she says.

Always be open to refreshing your brand

For luxury specialist, Michael Boulgaris, who sells in the Auckland’s eastern suburbs, on Waiheke Island, the Whitford area and Queenstown, he is always tweaking his branding, making sure it is on song with his luxury clients. 

Boulgaris has to be discreet about the way he celebrates his wins because the luxury clients he works with like their privacy. 

 “I rely on people telling others over drinks that I have sold a property for a high profile client,” he says.

Meanwhile one of his more traditional branding exercises which brings him more goodwill than anything else, is coming up.  Every September he has lily bulbs delivered to homes in Remuera and Parnell and people love it because they love their gardens, he says. 

It’s all about relationships in quieter times

In the current, quieter market the luxury agent feels he is focusing on relationships more than ever, he says. 

“I have got to spend more time having coffee with clients and taking them out to lunch,” he says.

Meanwhile, he has realised the importance of having staff who share his values, to protect his brand.

“Having quality staff and support people around me is paramount. People watch and notice, I can’t stress this enough.”


Key takeaways

  1. Invest in your brand during the quiet times.
  2. Regularly review your digital presence, make sure the platforms you use are truly connecting with people.  Ensure the products you use strongly position you as a suburb expert in front of potential buyers and sellers.
  3. Tailor your branding to your clients.
  4. Keep your clients informed about how the market is changing in their favour.
  5. Spend quality time with your clients in quieter times.
  6. Make sure you surround yourself with people who share your values.
  7. Be present in your market, do the open homes - people want to see you.