Nigel's Voice

We're kicking off a trial of a new quarterly video series with head of Trade Me Property, Nigel Jeffries, to let the NZ real estate industry in on what's happening at Trade Me.

We're keen to hear from you, and I'll do that by using an “ask me anything” approach, and each quarter your questions will be answered. Send them through to

Today's video talks to three things: Trade Me Property’s mission; our overall strategy; and our latest performance figures. By the end of this video, you’ll better understand how we tick, why we do what we do, and how we can work with you and your agency to help you succeed.

Our mission

Trade Me has been a public company for six years now. Fairfax sold out of Trade Me way back 2012 and since then we’ve had a diverse group of owners including global and local fund managers, plus lots of Kiwi individuals and families.

Trade Me Property’s mission statement is “Making life better for Kiwi’s through online property experiences they love” and is underpinned by Trade Me’s seven core values. Everything we do is to make life better for our customers; which most importantly includes real estate professionals like yourselves. Examples of how we do this include our new products:

- Property Insights for consumers and agents
- The OneHub agent portal which is specifically for real estate professionals.

Our strategy

Our strategic focus, is to work hard, to continue to provide you access to the largest and most relevant audience of property purchasers and vendors in New Zealand.

Trade Me is one of the most popular digital channels in NZ (1) and our property-specific audience is almost twice the size of our nearest competitor (1) - this is our competitive advantage and our aim is to leverage this for the benefit of real estate agents and agency businesses.

We fundamentally believe in the value that an agent provides to a consumer, and we don’t believe the industry is in danger of consumers avoiding agents en-masse. There are a number of reasons for why we think this is the case, but the important takeaway is that we exist to service and deliver value to agents and agency businesses. We are on your side.

Q3 performance figures

- The number of times people visit Trade Me Property is up a whopping 26% YOY (2) This means we’re giving you more bang for buck compared to a year ago.

- Our new Property Insights product has seen 1.6 million property records searched, further lifting our audience engagement. The product has proven useful for both buyers and sellers.

- Our OneHub agent portal now has more than 4500 agents with professional profiles set up. The top performing agent profile is receiving over 70 views a month by purchasers and potential vendors.

- Our mobile apps now hold the number one slot in NZ and have grown to over 720,000 downloads (3) This is important as we continue to see people consume more of their property information via mobile device.

- Our audience is delivering nearly 150 million listing views alone per quarter (2). For us it’s all about getting your brand front and centre with purchasers and potential vendors.

1- Unique Audience, Nieslen online ratings. Jan - Dec 2016.
2- Google Analytics site data for Trade Me, 2016.  
3- App Annie rank of lifestyle apps in NZ, 2016.