Personal brand - part three

Bringing your personal brand to life

In parts one and two of our personal brand series we explained what a personal brand is, why it’s important for agents, and how to develop your own brand.

By now you will have a clear idea of what your personal brand is, so it’s time to put it to work.

Before you race off to a designer, remember that this isn’t about a logo… it’s about defining and presenting who you are and what you’ll deliver in an authentic way. Your brand defines an expectation of what a client will experience by engaging you, and the more you reflect this the more believable it’ll be.

Step one: Apply your brand across everything you do

Consistency is key. List down all the ways that potential clients might see or hear of you, and think of some of the things you could do to reflect your brand across all these channels.

Here are some examples to get you started:

TMP297 Infographic Personal Brand Part3

Step two: Stay on-brand

Your brand is a living, breathing thing… after all, it’s you! It should evolve as you and your reputation do.

So building it isn’t a ‘do once’ task – it’s something you’ll need to stay on top of and manage well.

Check in regularly on how your personal brand is doing, and look for opportunities to strengthen it. If you need to change your personal brand, do it incrementally – a sudden change from one personal brand to another can look more like Jekyll & Hyde than an authentic enhancement to your brand.

Check with your clients about how effective your personal brand was in convincing them to engage you, and what qualities they related to. If there were any qualities in particular that worked for them, encourage them to include these in testimonials – giving your brand genuine third-party endorsement.


Step three: Enjoy your brand

You’re investing your time, energy and reputation into your personal brand, so enjoy it and be proud of it!

Your personal brand may not appeal to all potential clients, but you’ll have a much greater chance of success in securing clients who relate to your brand values – and you’ll stand out from your competition, with people knowing clearly who you are, what you stand for, and whether your values match theirs.