Premium Listing Enhancements

Trade Me Property Premium Listings don’t just get 83% more views and 84% more watchlists* for your vendors’ homes, those views are also your next clients. Our new Premium Listing property listing page designs and enhancements within search results add more value for you and your vendors.

Premium Listing

  • Large gallery images span across the width of the screen to best represent your vendors home.  Find out how to optimise your photos for the new format.

  • Embedded video is now displayed below the property description.

  • Dual agent contact info to highlight both agents equally on both listing pages and in search

  • The most prominent agent and agency branding - Your contact details are now displayed in a bar that ‘sticks’ to the top of the page once the user scrolls below the upper contact box, ensuring your image, agency logo and contact details are visible wherever the user is scrolling- plus, your profile will appear in the upper and lower agent details contact box on the listing details page. 

Upgrades to user experience make it easy for potential customers to find and remember you

Advertising on Trade Me Property is about selling your vendors’ homes – but it’s also the best place to promote your business. New upgrades to the user experience will enhance that effect, with sticky banners ensuring your name and contact details are on screen as much as possible. This makes it easier for searchers – and your next clients – to find and remember you. Plus this makes it easier for buyers to enquire about the listing 

*Trade Me Property site statistics, Nationwide Dec 2019 - June 2020, Residential for Sale Premium Listing compared to Base Listing.