The art of networking


Using a real estate agent to sell a property remains the preferred method of selling, with 48% of sellers planning to use an agent. However, 16% of sellers are still unsure how they’re going to proceed with the process and 27% say they will try selling privately first.*

Sway sellers who are sitting on the fence and encourage positive word of mouth with our top networking tips:

Don’t just sell yourself

Networking shouldn’t be a one way communication. You’ll find that if you ask questions and listen, it will be easier to add value to the conversation – the most valuable information is often gained by simply listening.

Appearances can be misleading

You never know who you’re speaking to or the connections they may have, so it’s best to treat everyone with the same enthusiasm. You may end up meeting the perfect prospect through someone else – even if it may not seem like they’re the right fit at the time.

Add value to your network

Keep in touch with your contacts consistently, but make sure you ask permission first! If your promotion area is largely family based, doing something for the community like sponsoring a school event will go far. If your prospects are investors or city professionals, you could host a seminar at your office on the current state of the market. The key is to add genuine value where possible, with relevant communication. Do this, and you’ll have a significant point of difference.

Show appreciation

Make sure you ask new clients how they found you. You’ll not only find out what forms of marketing work best, but it will also let you know who to thank for referrals. A thank you card or a small gift to the person who referred you always goes a long way to further influence positive word of mouth.

*Nielsen Real Estate Search Report 2017 (Going once, going twice, sold!)