Let's talk video


One of the five marketing trends predicted for 2018 earlier on in the year included video, which is a listing tool currently available on Trade Me Property.

Videos aren’t a new trend, but they’re here to stay.

Many agents are already reaping the benefits of using video by loading these onto their Trade Me listings.

Promotional videos are easier to create than you might think, especially with the rise of smartphones and free video production software such as Lumen5 and iMovie.

The benefits of video:

  • Attract serious buyers – adding a walkthrough video tour of your property on Trade Me helps to get the right people to your open home.

  • Give a sneak peek – videos are an excellent personal branding tool and give clients an idea of what it’s like to work with you.

  • Educate and inform – use video in addition to other things like email to keep your vendors informed. For example you can turn the camera around and send a quick video update after an open home.

Uploading a video

Your video must be hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo first, you can then add the video to your listings at no extra cost - just get in touch with our Customer Service team on 0800 866 266 or propertyagents@trademe.co.nz.

Video can also be added to the site via the API or manually during the listing process.