Marketing Packages

Achieve the best result with one of Trade Me Property’s new marketing packages

We have introduced three new marketing packages - Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

Premium Listing, our top-performing product is included in Gold and Silver packages so it can continue to deliver great results for vendors and agents.

These new marketing packages bundle the best of our products into three simplified but more effective options. They’ve been created to drive greater brand presence for your office and agents, attract more buyers, and be easier for your vendors to understand, and your agents to book.

gold package

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Please note that all of our current marketing packages will no longer be available from 1 September 2019, however you can continue to purchase individual products separately.


Why have you changed the marketing packages? I liked the old ones.

Last year we launched Premium Listing, a product which is proving to be very successful for vendors and agents/offices. The current marketing packages you have don’t include the Premium Listing product and we think you’re missing out. 

What’s so great about the new marketing packages?

  • The combo of products, including the addition of Premium Listing in Silver and Gold, make them highly effective.
  • The addition of Premium Listing delivers high personal branding exposure, increasing awareness and trust in your personal brand.
  • With the Gold marketing package specifically, your listing will be seen by property seekers 17x more on average*. This enables you and your office to stand out as the suburb experts to potential vendors as they prepare to find an agent.
  • Packages are the most cost-efficient way to purchase our products.
  • Your listing will be seen by more potential buyers which is great news for your vendor.

Can I still buy listing products individually?

Absolutely - to book, get in touch with our customer support team 

What happens if the property sells before the marketing package is finished?

Given the discount you receive through these packages, partial refunds aren’t available.

How do I book my marketing packages?

There are two ways a package can be purchased – either via your CRM, or by getting in touch with our customer support team on

We’re here to help!

We know change throws up questions if you have any questions or would like to chat more about how to get the most out of these marketing packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Senior Account Manager or our customer support team.