Video is a hugely engaging medium for prospective buyers. There are a variety of options you can embed and display on your Trade Me Property listings. 

Interactive 3D walkthrough 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 3D tours are increasing in popularity in the real estate industry. This technology gives potential buyers the ability to digitally roam through a property - similar to how you would use Google maps street view, offering prospective buyers the next level of video. 

This allows prospective buyers the opportunity to virtually walk around, feel and experience the property in a way they’ve never been able to before.

These videos can be loaded onto your listing, and appear under the InsideView icon in the property details. There are a variety of suppliers that offer the walkthrough video technology, of whch iStaging is one of them.

With iStaging, you can add notes and floor plans to create a compelling virtual walk-through tour experience for the buyer. This is a cost effective and innovative marketing solution to offer to your vendor. Alternatively, you could use a professional photographer to create the tour and edit with iStaging software.

When you sign up to iStaging you’ll receive equipment free of charge which turns your smartphone into a powerful VR camera and allows you to easily create 360° VR tours of any space.

iStaging offers a 10% discount over the lifetime of their iStaging subscription to Trade Me customers. To redeem your discount, enter the code TRADEME10.  


Traditional video

While video is a great medium to compliment traditional photos, it's equally vital for yourself. Video allows the opportunity for you to build your profile and brand, and highlights your professionalism to an audience of potential vendors.

You can embed video onto your listings at no cost, just get in touch with our sales support team on 0800 866 266 or Video can also be added to the site via the API or manually during the listing process.

Video must be hosted on YouTube. Check out the terms of use.