Rental Premium Listing FAQs

What is Premium Listing and how does it work? 

Our latest Premium listing product is the largest digital property ad in New Zealand. It can be booked in 1 week, 2 week and 3 week durations. Your Premium Listing will be elevated in relevant search results above all Featured Listings. When your Premium Listing expires it will default to a Featured Listing for the remainder of your campaign. 

Premium Listing positions the agency as the suburb expert through higher brand exposure. Larger images means renters can short-list properties faster. 


Is a Base Listing included in the price? 

No. The cost of Premium Listing is in addition to a Base Listing. 


How is Premium Listing different to a Super Feature?

A Super Feature is an optional add-on applied to your Premium or Feature Listing, placing it within a rotating carousel of properties that appear at the top of relevant search results for 7 days. Three photos of the property will be displayed alongside your agent and agency branding. With a Super Feature enhancement your landlords property will be represented twice, once within the Super Feature carousel and again as either a Premium or Feature Listing. 

A Premium Listing is your ultimate listing option, displaying a supersized hero image of the property with prominent agency branding. Premium Listing is the only mobile-ready listing solution that showcases your agency brand on Android and Apple devices, with over 50% of property audiences using a mobile device to search1 – this means your brand is front and centre anytime, anywhere.  


How does Premium Listing help with my brand exposure?

Premium Listing puts your brand front and centre in front of NZ’s largest property audience*. Take advantage of this exposure and use Premium Listing strategically to maximise the visibility of your brand and show your marketing expertise. 


What are the benefits? 

As the largest digital property ad in New Zealand**, not only will the super-sized photos showcase the property’s best features, the listing will get more attention from prospective renters. Both landlords and renters are using Trade Me Property as a tool in their research process, so anything you do to maximise your brand exposure will help you win more listings and gain a competitive advantage in the market. 


How much does Premium Listing cost? 

For Premium Listing pricing contact your local Trade Me Property salesperson or give our customer support team call on 0800 866 266. Alternatively you can email us at


Will my Premium Listing drop down in the search results? 

Premium Listings are displayed according to the purchase date (the same way Featured Listings work). As new Premium Listings are booked they will start to appear ahead of you in search results. To elevate your listing simply apply a ‘Boost’ any time or enhance your Premium Listing with a Super Feature. 

Once your Premium Listing period has ended, your listing will default to Feature listing for free, lasting for the remainder of your campaign.

To get the benefits of Premium Listing again, you can purchase another 1, 2 or 3 week duration.


How do I book a Premium Listing?

You can email our Customer Support team at


Can my image appear on the listing like they do in Residential for sale?

It depends if your API provider supports sending your image through. Have a talk to them if you'd like to find out more. 

If you're a licensed real estate agent your image and have a OneHub account, will appear within the listing.


Unique Audience, Nielsen online ratings.
** Trade Me Property comparison of digital property ads, as at August 2018.