Trade Me Property listing support FAQs


General questions 

My listing isn't feeding through to Trade Me or updating:

If you're using a feed provider, have a chat to them or your IT team. Unfortunately we cannot see why a listing is not feeding through to Trade Me, or updating.

Often there is an error on the listing that is preventing any “feed-through” to site. Your feed provider or IT team will be able to see which error is preventing this and help you accordingly.


My photos aren't correctly appearing on site, they appear to be broken:

The reason why these photos are appearing “broken” is that they have been loaded in your system for too long. In order to remedy this you will need to completely remove the images from your system and re-upload them.


I want to relist an expired property:

It is possible to relist a property without incurring a second charge if you relist within 45 days of the property coming off site- provided that you do not create a whole new listing with a new start date.

If the original listing was upgraded to a feature, you will not be charged again for featuring a relisted property.


I want my listing to have a new start date:

Unfortunately it is against our terms and conditions to create a new listing to renew the start date. This artificially elevates the property and is misleading to customers. Listings with new start dates will incur another charge.


I want to change the category of a listing:

Unfortunately there is no way to change the listing type once the property is live. You will need to withdraw the original listing and create a completely new one.

In order to not be charged for creating a new listing, the original listing must not have been on site for longer than 7 days. If this is the case, send us through the old and new Trade Me listing numbers and we will get this sorted for you when we are back in office.


I want to edit a listing description:

You will need to edit the listing description via your feed provider. If updates are made to the listing by us, it will revert back the next time your feed provider updates the listing. Alternatively, you can log in to your Trade Me Property account and manually make the required changes to a listing.

What we can do is remove any RV data from the listing, including “Estimates Nearby” and “Recent QV sales”. Send us an email and we will make these changes once we return. 


My property isn’t sitting within the correct price range:

You enter a range via your feed provider and a single figure is sent through to us as the “expected sale price”. Your feed provider determines that exact figure of that expected sale price.

The property will show up in any search on site that includes the expected sale price. We recommend having a chat to your feed provider to understand how they determine the expected sale price.


My embedded content links aren’t working:

You will need to use the following formats to upload Youtube and Matterport links via your feed provider:




My listings aren’t linking through to my OneHub profile:

In order for your listings to link through to your OneHub profile, you will need to make sure that your name and office details are identical on OneHub to what is showing on your listings.

This will require you to look carefully at the difference between your name and office details on a listing vs your profile!


Property Insights 

My property CV is incorrect:

We can update the RV of the property from our end if you send through official council/QV records for the property.


My property estimate is incorrect:

The Trade Me Property Estimates are our computer-generated estimates of what we think a property is likely to sell or rent for. We’ve calculated these using our own algorithms that incorporate sales of similar properties and RVs, while the rental estimate relies on rental information held by Trade Me.

This information is updated at the start of each month.


I need more info about Property Insights:

Property Insights has a FAQ page here: